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Who we are

Red Realities is an Australian company 🇦🇺 with a strong focus on Augmented Reality. We are not trying to sell the technology itself, but striving to identify ready to use solutions ⚙️.

These Augmented Reality Solutions are designed to bring maximum value to our clients 💰 when applied. We know how to use AR to achieve a wide range of business and organizational goals.


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Our Vision

In Red Realities we believe that Augmented Reality is a world changing technology like a Personal Computer or the Internet. Eventually Augmented Reality will be everywhere 🌍 in all aspects of your life helping and empowering you seamlessly.

Same as it was with the PC or the Internet it is not always clear were AR can be used, but in the end every useful case will feel obvious and natural 😏. We at Red Realities work to accelerate this process by identifying and shipping to market valuable solutions early on.

Every few months new solutions are identified 🔍 and we are happy to share them via our newsletter.


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