Why Red Realities

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Red Realities was established as a result of an experiment by artificial intelligence (AI) and art enthusiasts. We’re in the production and sales of artificial intelligence artworks that has significantly developed since 2018. AI art refers to an artwork generated with AI assistance. It is art produced through the collaboration of an AI system and a human or one autonomously created by AI Systems.

Thanks to the discovery of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). With these developments, the AI artistic movement has evolved and become more common. Artists, such as Robbie Barrett and Obvious, and engineering groups, including Deep Mind paved the way for the AI art revolution using GANs to make art.

Recently, a portrait of Edmond Belamy, which was created using a data set of 15,000 portraits created between the 14th and 20th centuries and algorithm, by Obvious sold for $432,500 at a Christie’s Prints & Multiples sale auction. This portrait explored on the intersection of art and AI. 

AICAN by Ahmed Elgammal also proved that machines can be artistic and creative by itself.

Sougwen Chung, who’s an award-winning artist, use hand and AI reproduced marks to deepen understanding of the communication between humans and machines like in the Drawing Operations (Duet), a performance centred in the art collaboration between the two.

The first paintings raised significant philosophical, psychological, and theoretical questions, including…

  • What does artificial intelligence mean for the future of art?
  • Can algorithms emulate creativity? Can machines be creative?
  • Can humans create art without intentionality?
  • Why do we feel an emotional attachment to art of an emotionless machine?

For the first time in history, machines had created visually-pleasing and beautiful masterpieces.

The AI’s work, even by an emotionless machine, has made us emotionally attached to it.

Woman playing violin

Woman playing violin
Red Realities Art AI

Selling for $42

Edmond Bellamy
Obvious art collective

Sold for $432,500

However, AI art possession and ownership remained in the hands of art collectors and at auctions because its expensive and rare. It sells for tens of thousands of dollars in private art events, too.  Thus, not many people are able to own this beautiful and unique art.

Red Realities want to solve this problem. We started this project to democratize the discussion and market of AI generated art and machine creativity.

Our team believes that involving more people in the discussion will encourage more ideas and insights about AI creativity and its different aspects from postmodernism to analytical psychology.

Today, we can make more engaging and emotionally-touching high-resolution painting with more vivid details through contemporary AI artwork.

It is equally beautiful and original but at a price many can afford.

Red Realities believe that every art enthusiast should own an AI painting.  Finally, we re-invest any profit in the research and development of innovative and creative machines.

Ready for your first AI painting? Browse our collection today!