What is an AI-generated art?

An AI-generated artwork is created by a computer/machine. Its sophisticated neural network also looks at, studies over 10,000 of styles from different eras, and then later adopts the artistic elements into its unique style in creating an AI-generated artwork.

How are the pieces produced?

The pieces incorporate machine learning technology in producing the artwork.

Who names the paintings?

Our AI focuses on generating the images. Dedicated team members, who also curate the gallery, name the paintings.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Shipping takes between five to seven business days. But due to COVID-19, production and shipping delays are possible. Please allow up to 14 business days for your artwork to arrive. And due to current flight limitations, shipping to Canada may take longer than usual. Kindly read our shipping policy for more details..

Is the art locally printed and shipped?

Artworks ordered from the US, UK, or AU are printed and shipped to customers locally.

Do you provide a certificate of authenticity?

Yes. You will receive an authentication certificate via email once your order has been processed. This certificate of authenticity includes the painting’s identification code and its details. It cannot be forged because it’s digitally signed by our domain.

Is my payment secured?

Yes. Rest assured that your payment, personal details, and payment details are secured. We only use trusted and reputable payment service providers, such as PayPal, Shopify Payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, for your peace of mind.

If something went wrong with my order, can you issue a refund?

Yes. We can offer a return period of 90 business days. You get a full refund, no questions asked. For more details, check out our full refund policy.

Will I still be able to buy a painting marked as “SOLD?”

No. Each painting is unique and is sold only once. Worry not, as you can always keep track of newly-added paintings in our gallery through our Facebook or Instagram.

Did you improve the AI painting manually?

Red Realities believe in and use the no filter approach. Editing or improving the painting manually will be against our goal of making creative machines. It will also incur additional manual labour cost.

Is the art unaffected by human sentiment?

Even if the painting is AI-generated, our machine continues to learn and change its art based on what our community likes. Red Realities is lucky to receive a huge number of feedbacks from the community.
Such is used in AI training so that it can curate a distinct art. It simply means that our community members play an active and huge role on how our art looks like and will look like.
Every artwork displayed was selected and named by human staffs working at Red Realities.

How long did it take for AI to learn art creation?

Our AI undergoes continues training and development. Even if it can paint faster than a human does, it still takes months to create its first painting. Red Realities programmed different AIs involved in the art generation. They work in harmony to train our primary AI that creates the paintings.

Can the same painting be created twice?

No. Our AI doesn’t remember what it has created. Instead, it creates a new painting from scratch. There is a very small chance that the AI will create the same art or identical replica. If ever, it is by mistake, which sometimes even human artists also commit.

Does the machine use any existing artwork to create an art?

No, the AI machine doesn’t use any existing artwork in generating an art. What it does is studying and learning from thousands of artworks for an inspiration. It starts from scratch and creates art like humans do.

How can I be sure that an AI-generated painting is new and doesn’t contain any existing human art into it?

Red Realities’ AI is divided into the “Artist” and the “Critic” to create new and unique paintings.
Interesting to note about, the “Artist” has never processed a single piece of human art. Meanwhile, the “Critic” has been shown human art that exist throughout the ages. The Artist will create a new art that would please the Critic. The latter criticizes the art that the Artist creates, but it cannot create paintings itself.
The Artist learns and develops art based on the Critic’s feedback. It strives hard to improve its craft and ultimately creates an artwork that resembles human art. Sometimes, even established curators cannot distinguish that the final output is created by AI.
The paintings come out unique with a better avant-garde style.

Can AI generate different styles of art?

Yes. The AI can generate art with various styles depending on what were used in its training.
Our AI can focus on a specific style to generate an art that resembles it.

What will happen if the AI learns different styles?

The resulting pieces are unique and beautiful. They are visually engaging and can be hard to associate with only one style. Thus, it creates a new art genre.

This art is created by an AI machine? Is it still soulful and meaningful?

AI paintings reflect all human arts from the earlier to the modern times. They capture art’s essence throughout the ages and hold different emotions and meanings in the eyes of the art enthusiast/viewer.
Our paintings are open to personal interpretation. We recognize that they can generate different reactions, depending on the viewer.

Is AI art not leading to job loss of human artists?

AI is only a new art type and offers a unique genre that incorporates machine learning in the process of art generation.
To be frank, AI-generated art has been around for quite a while. However, it hasn’t received much attention because it was expensive and thus unattainable. Also, initial ones were not as varied, vibrant, and vivid as our AI paintings.
AI art will not take over the industry but will co-exist with other genres of art. It will remain available for those who want to enjoy and own it.
Behind Red Realities is a team of passionate individuals who found an unconventional way of art creation. We aim at making AI art affordable and available to a larger number of people.

How much is an AI-generated art?

No single answer fits this question.
AI art is quite expensive. In fact, the “Portrait of Edmond de Belamy” was sold for $432,500 to an anonymous buyer in an auction. A few more AI-generated paintings were sold for tens of thousands of dollars to art collectors.
Red Realities, however, believe that AI-generated artwork must be accessible to a higher number of art enthusiasts. Thus, we’re happy to offer our AI artwork at more affordable prices.