A 3D puzzle game on your floor or table using Augmented Reality.

Challenge your spatial awareness – play a truly 3D puzzle. Assemble horizontal lines to earn points and make progress throughout the game, the speed of the tetracubes will increase with each point. Use your phone as a controller to see the game board from any angle and any point of view.

Supports “Floor” and “Table” modes. “Floor” mode is recommended for an easier game play, but if you are constrained in space “Table” mode will be more convenient.


  • Move around game board in any direction
  • Drag finger horizontally or vertically to move current tetracube into an according direction
  • Swipe two fingers horizontally or vertically to rotate current tetracube horizontally or vertically
  • Use pause screen to move your game board, restart the level or start from 0

Android: Google Play

iOS: AppStore

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